How to Pay Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Charges?

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How to Pay Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Charges

Gatwick Airport Drop-off Charges

Gatwick is the second busiest airport in the UK, offering flights to over 220 destinations. When travelling to and from Gatwick Airport, you must be aware of the drop-off charges. These are applicable when you drive into the drop-off zones. These zones are closest to the terminals.

Gatwick Airport Drop-off charges start from a minimum of £6 for a 10-minute stay in the drop-off zone. After that, £1 will be added for up to 20 minutes each minute. You cannot stay longer than 30 minutes in this zone.

Drop-off charges help in maintaining the parking at the airport and keeping the fares low. Delayed payment of these charges or not paying them at all will result in fines. To avoid them, you must know how to pay them appropriately. Today, we will guide you about paying Gatwick Airport drop-off charges.

Drop-Off Zones at Gatwick Airport

At Gatwick Airport, drop-off zones are open areas outside the North and South Terminals where passengers can be dropped off. These zones are at a short distance from the check-in and departures. These zones have no barriers, ensuring free-flow traffic and a convenient drop-off experience.

Pay Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Charges

Methods to Pay Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Charges

Drop-off charges cannot be paid at the airport using the ticket machine. You can choose from the following three methods to pay these charges.

Autopay: You can register your car for autopay by setting up a debit payment system. It is suitable for PCO drivers who frequently visit the airport to drop off passengers.

Online Pay: You can pay the charges after using the drop-off zone by this method. You can complete the online payment form from Gatwick Airport’s official website.

Over Mobile Payment: you can call at automated payment line of the Gatwick Airport to pay drop-off charges.

Penalties If You Don’t Pay Drop-Off Charges

Drop-off charges should be paid by midnight. If you don’t pay them by then, you will receive a PCN (Parking Charge Notice) of £100. It should be paid within 14 days. Otherwise, you will get a charge certificate and must pay £150 within 14 days. You will get a court order if you don’t pay the charge certificate. You can reduce PCN to £60 by paying it within 14 days of issuance.

How to Avoid Drop-Off Charges?

You can avoid drop-off charges by opting for short or long-stay terminal car parks. In the short stay car parks, you have to pay £6 for a maximum stay of 30 minutes. You can walk to the terminals from this parking in 5 minutes. Long stay car parks offer free parking for up to 2 hours. You can take a free shuttle to the terminal from this parking.