What are Airport Transfers? Benefits and Types

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What are Airport Transfers Benefits and Types

You may opt to travel by air to visit your favourite destination or for business purposes. Pleasure and hassle are both associated with air travel, but airport transfers can relieve your stress once you land at the airport. You can reach your desired location in a relaxing and comfortable manner without worrying about traffic issues and getting enough time to unwind yourself.

This guide helps you understand what airport transfer is, its types, and its advantages, allowing you to make an informed decision.

What is Airport Transfer?

The type of transport which is specifically designed for picking up and transporting you from the airport to the desired location, such as a hotel, resort, or your home, is known as an airport transfer. This service helps you get rid of all the anxiety, stress, and hectic rush associated with air travel, providing a safe and convenient transfer. You also get a chance to choose any luxury car of your choice based on your requirements and budget.

What are the Advantages of Airport Transfer Services?

Besides relieving your stress and providing a convenient travelling experience, airport transfer services also offer other advantages, such as:


No matter if you come to a particular country for the first time or come there frequently, you do not have to deal with the local taxi system. You book airport transfer service in advance for a convenient experience in the form of airport pick-up, safe handling of luggage, and timely drop-off with reliable travelling. Thus, you can enjoy convenience at each step after landing at the airport without worrying about route navigation and traffic issues.


The vehicles that airport transfer providers offer are comfortable, luxurious, and well-maintained. The vehicle drivers also help you with your luggage to ensure you get a comfortable travelling experience with them and reach your destination without any hassle.


The airport transfer services are reliable as the professionals have all the information regarding your pick-up and drop-off locations, having complete knowledge of local areas. You can entirely rely on the chauffeurs as they are strictly punctual in their services to avoid any unpleasant delays.

Fixed Prices

If you are new to a place, then local taxi drivers may charge you more. But with airport transfer, you can be sure that you are paying the actual price of the services you are getting. You get a quote in advance when you book the service via the online portal of service providers and can also align your budget accordingly.

Local Insights

The chauffeurs and drivers have complete knowledge about local areas, and they can guide you about different landmarks and famous places which are worth visiting for you as a tourist. In this way, they help you explore new areas of the city to which you are travelling.


When you book an airport transfer service in advance, you get peace of mind regarding the availability of a cab or private taxi when you land at the airport. In this way, you can avoid the shortage of taxis during peak travel times and days as you have exclusively reserved the transfer service.


You can book an airport transfer based on your flight timing, providing you with flexible booking options. Moreover, you also get flexibility in terms of payment methods, i.e., you can pay online or give cash payment to the driver upon reaching your location. In this way, you can eliminate all financial concerns based on your budget planning and cash availability.

What are Airport Transfers

What are the Types of Airport Transfer?

Based on the type of service, there are different types of airport transfers, which have been explained below:

Shared Airport Transfer

Shared airport transfer services offer cabs, shuttles, and vans to pick up and drop the passengers at the scheduled time. You should book this service in advance when you book your flight. These services provide the option of dropping you off at the hotel or any central location, such as a railway or subway station, from where you can reach your destination conveniently.

This type of airport transfer is a suitable option for tour and cruise services who want to transfer their guests from the airport. This transfer service is comparatively cheaper, making it a viable option for individual travellers, such as students. You can get a stress-free transfer at cost-effective rates by booking a shared airport transfer.

Private Airport Transfer

Private airport transfer services come with the convenience of luggage handling along with your convenient transfer to a place of your choice. These services are expensive but luxurious and hassle-free, and you do not have to share your trip with other passengers. This type of airport transfer is one of the best options for business travellers, students, and solo travellers who can afford its price.

This service also allows you to book a van or a large-size vehicle if you are travelling with a group of friends or family members. You can book this transfer in advance and do not have to hire a taxi after landing at the airport. The driver will be waiting for you at the pick-up point, help you with luggage loading, and drop you at your hotel, restaurant, or home. Moreover, you can also easily change the pick-up timing if your flight gets delayed for any reason.

Airport Chauffeur

This service is the most expensive one that offers a luxurious travelling experience from the airport to your desired destination. You can select any luxurious vehicle while booking this service based on your preferences and the number of passengers to travel in style. The chauffeurs have all the responsibility of handling all the aspects, such as navigating the traffic conditions and selecting the best route to drop you timely.

The airport chauffeur service can be hired for celebrities, politicians, and VIP guests who have specially come to attend an international event or seminar.

Hotel Transfer

This type of service is offered by hotels to their guests for their safe, convenient, and comfortable transfer from the airport to the hotel or resort present on the premises of the airport. The designated cab or shuttle picks up the passengers from the airport and drops them at the hotel of their choice at a scheduled time.

You can book this service in advance when you book the hotel by asking its management if they provide hotel transfer service and book that with them as well.

What are Airport Transfers Benefits & Types

How Can You Get an Airport Transfer Service?

You should follow these steps to book an airport transfer service:

  • Reserve a transfer service via provider’s online website or through apps which provide the facility of booking an airport transfer in advance.
  • Add the required details, such as passenger name, pick-up location, drop-off location, flight time, number of passengers, and amount of luggage.
  • Select the type of car from available options based on the type of transfer service you are booking with.
  • Get confirmation from the service provider and get the details related to driver, vehicle, and pick-up time.
  • Meet the driver at the pick-up location after landing at the airport, enjoy your ride, and reach at your drop-off location conveniently.

Concluding Remarks

It is convenient to book your airport transfer in advance based on your flight timings. You can book any service based on your preferences and budget requirements. These services help you travel from the airport to the location of your choice with convenience, comfort, safety, and reliability. You also get a chance to travel in luxurious vehicles you have always dreamt of travelling in.